I’m not entirely sure I should be blogging about the MH17 tragedy on my “mainly marketing with a side serve of hard rock” site but I’ve spent a large part of this week in reflector mode. And perhaps you’ve been too.

I don’t consume a lot of mainstream media as so much of it is filled with carping politicians and non-news stories of Kardashians, Kidmans etc. But when the news broke of MH17 being shot out of the sky, the tragedy was too great to process and so I made even more concerted effort to avoid… avoid…avoid.

Until Sunday afternoon, walking through Newtown, I clapped sight of the newspaper front page and there he was, another person lost to his family, confirmed dead on the MH17. Except I knew him. He’s Jack O’Brien, a trainer at my gym. He often signed me in, we exchanged sleepy hi’s / bye’s and my overriding impression of him was a quietly contained and gentle young fella. He always looked bemused if I arrived at gym already fagged from striding up the hill from my home to the gym. And he was my accountability partner when I could not face another stint on the rowing machine. As he signed me in, I would hiss, wide eyed and unblinking “I have a 27 minute erg to do and if you see me leave before that time is up, feel free to shake your head in disappointment.” I never did try him out in that, somehow telling someone you are going do the bloody thing is all I motivation I needed.

Later on that same Sunday afternoon, crossed legged on the lounge I wanted to know more of Jack and the others aboard the flight. So I grabbed a fistful of hankies and read the deeply personal stories that I had avoided earlier. And it is all so unbearably sad, even for someone like me with a tenuous connection to someone on the flight. I have no idea how family and friends live through this.

In settling into this sadness, I have been brittle with time-wasters and incompetents this last week but on the flipside had long, loving, meandering conversations with family, friends and even strangers and we try to fold this tragedy into our understanding. One of the loveliest, heartfelt talks was with one of my besties, Donna who is back safe in Australia after stints living in and around hot beds of conflict. Over the years I have held my breath and repeated the mantra “please let them be safe and well, please let them be safe and well” when trouble bubbles up close to where they live. I now extend that I hope out further to anyone living in and around conflict.

This is where I want to direct my energy: towards love, hope and gratitude for having the life I do with do much love from family and friends. With the reminder that no one we love ever really dies.

I'm no fan of the Beatles....but there is genuine gold in the sentiment "all you need is love"

I’m no fan of the Beatles….but there is genuine gold in the sentiment “all you need is love”

As a counter-point to this meditative post, I need, we all need some whimsy, so here is a special find from my witty, sweet sister that will lift your spirits.

See you next week.