You know it, I know it, it’s that time of year where we kick off the heels, pour a glass of something and reflect on the past year.  Now while I am fully immersed in my gratefulness, it does not mean that it is all white light beams and halos.  And here’s where the attitude comes in.  There are a (more than a couple) of things that got my goat and I dish on this as well.  Hold tight, my gratitude with attitude list looks a little like this:

1. Family, friends and the Diva Council

I am never going to win the lottery, that’s not my style of luck. The luck I have is better, richer, deeper.  I am lucky in being able to draw the very best type of person into my life.  With both the friends and family I have in my life I have a limitless supply of love, support, strength, cheer leading, seriously funny types that push me forward and keep me honest.  The Diva Council has been in operation for a few years now but this year, its ranks were bolstered by the prowess of Denise Duffield Thomas, Nathan the demonic personal trainer, Elizabeth Carabetta, Kelly Surtees, Betty Means Business and Angela Raspass, for starters.

There are also others on my Diva Council that I have never met but provide that fire for my inspiration furnace. Seth Godin, Patti Smith, Pearl Jam, Danielle Laporte….I am richer for having fell into their genius work.

2. My suppliers with super powers and killer client list

I thought about doing a separate shout out for my suppliers and client but they are tightly bound.  Diva Works is me, Fiona, but without my suppliers to chew over a juicy idea, find a way to consistently deliver kudos winning projects, then I would not have the fabulous clients I do.  Two weeks ago I celebrated 2012 with Diva’s suppliers and some members of the Diva Council in Melbourne and I am still basking in the glow of gratitude for having these people in my life.  For my clients, I am humbled by them having faith in me and my team to deliver on the promise of a simple 3D drawing.  My clients definitely pass the champagne, cards and prawn test.  If you can’t imagine having your clients around to your pad for a night of cards, champers and prawns, then you have no business doing business with them.

Diva Lunch 2012

Diva Lunch 2012

3. I freakin’ love cheese and 2012 saw me go nuts with the goats cheese. Yeah, about 6 years after everyone else, but like the proverb says, when you are ready, the right teacher shows up.

4. Lovin’ Asana, the on-line project management portal that keeps my in the flow.  And from ripping out tufts of hair. (Not always my own).

5. So grateful I live in a county with very restrictive gun laws.

6. New York and Hawks Nest.  So very different, so very awesome.

Love NYC!

Love NYC!

7. My Mixmaster.  I finally feel like a grown up with a heavy-duty mixmaster that…would whip up tasty treat if only I could stop tasting the mixture and get it in the oven.

8. I love, LOVE marketing.  Such a rich area to work in where challenges provide so many opportunities to innovate.

9. The American voters.  Big thanks for not putting in the dude who ties his dog to the top of the SUV to go on holidays.  No matter what your politics, I think we can all agree that the fool that treats his animals so poorly is not fit to hold any form of office.

10. My pad and pen / pencil.  After so many resources on-line and in the digital form. I still love sketching and drawing out ideas on crisp white, thick paper.

Ok, time to throw down the attitude list:

11. EEAA, our industry body.  Through the knock down and rebuild of Australia’s largest exhibition centre, the EEAA has been, I don’t know, brushing it’s hair?!?  I am really freaked out that those that will need to work in the new centre have been so rarely consulted on the shape and function and that the EEAA are OK with this.

12. Tony Abbott = angry sock puppet

13. I don’t like hating on someone else’s art but Brad Pitt’s furniture line and Yoko Ono’s line of fella clothing was epically awful.  File under: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

14. Yep, tried red wine again & nope, still not a believer

And I deliberately missed one off my gratitude list and saved it for now.  I am grateful for you, dear reader.  In these crazy busy times, I am very grateful to have your read my blogs and receive emails and calls me letting me know that you like what you read.  When you could be doing anything else like figuring out if a packet Lime and Black Pepper chips exceeds your daily salt intake (it doesn’t) or if now is the time to mulch (it is), I am so lucky to have a slice of your valuable time on my semi-regular blog and you take the time to provide feedback.

For the final tune of the year, I gift you my very favourite song of the year. Ah no, it was not released this year but I just found myself humming it during the best and worst moments of 2012.

Feel free to add your own gratitude / attitude in the comments below. Much Diva love and  a happy, healthy and sparkly 2013 to you and your tribe.