We all get the funks. You think you have seen it all, done it all and heard it so many times before. Nothing is new and nothing lights you up. In both the creative and marketing worlds where business life moves like the perpetual hamster wheel, seeking inspiration can be like tapping the accelerator when your car is coasting on empty. In our on demand, dialed up world it is expected that creativity and innovation will just leech from you. Sure. I have days like this. But other days are full of blank paper freak out and hair pulling inaction, trying to will the inspiration to flow through your veins.  So if you are stuck fast trying to find different ways to engage your customers, write a compelling marketing proposal for more funds or generate marketing copy that does not suck, here are my favorite inspiration sources:

 1. The Cool Hunter

So many awesome sources of designed products, advertising, commercial spaces (the list goes on) in one handy location. Will you find a well-crafted marketing plan in there? No. But you will be so awed by the creations of others you will be drawn back to your challenge at hand and commit to finding an elegant solution to your problem.

 2. Seth Godin

Sorry to be Captain McObvious here but he has rad and reality based insights into the marketing world. Dive into his juicy blog that will demand more of you and your talents as a marketer.

 3. Google it

I often type my problem area into Google such as  “how do I repatriate a continuously barking dog” or “how do I stretch too tight but kicky on sale heels” into the search field of the worlds best and free assistant. It will blow your mind how many others share that exact same problem. Talk a wander through Google’s suggestions and see how others overcome the same sticky situation you are in.

4. Paddle in a different pond

My mum Noelene knows buggar all about exhibition design but she really has pulled some gems for me over the years. From suggesting turning the design upside down, to using more green to even – hold onto your heels – adding more feathers, it does pay to go to a different source for inspiration. If all you do is rock a problem between your marketing team, then all you can expect is solutions drawn from their background and experience. I yap at everyone when I am greedy for inspiration. The gals I row with. The taxi driver who picks me up at the airport. The dude at the bakery. Cast your net wide and you will pull a smart and knowledgeable fish.

5. Marketing Magazine

Content rich site guaranteed to almost have a solution or article from someone dealing with a similar problem to yours. The case studies are great too as the words and picture combination help flesh out the solution to a tricky  marketing brief.

6. Empowering websites

Sometimes inspiration is not lacking it is the feeling of tiredness, overwhelm and downright feeling washed out and beige that sucks your mojo.  Time to fire up those websites that will kick you into gear and get you on task again.  Here are my latest finds for self actualisation:



www.gofugyourself.com (I admit this one is not about self actualisation but the writing is laugh out loud funny and humour is a MAJOR inspiration booster)

That’s my cheat sheet for inspiration, please feel free to share your own tips in the comments section below.

Now I also visit the Church of Rock when I need to amp up and inspiration level and there is none better that the High Priest of rock, Dave Grohl.

Enjoy and see you next week! Fiona x