So yah, I have been finally KO’d by the virus that has been going around and I am day late with my regular musings.  I am existing in that zombie world delivered through Nyquil – we can’t get over the counter here in Australia but I have some contraband left over from my trip to the USA and HOT DAMN, it is GOOD!  Since I am spending most of my awake time staring off into the middle distance, googling “cheesecakes” and trying to decide what my favourite Ryan Gosling movie is (current: Crazy Stupid Love), I also tripped over this fun compile of hacked digital road signs.

Since I feel like a Zombie trapped inside a Kleenex factory, this is apt.

See you next week when I emerge from the Nyquil fog!  Any virus busting remedies that involve cheesecakes, please feel free to share in the comments section.