At a recent catch up of gals in Melbourne, my favorite marketing maven was seriously torn up over other co-workers undermining and back stabbing ways. This grieves me, not only as my gal is in pain but it is such a common and even daily problem than we can all face: the rise of the nemesis. There you are, kicking goals in your job, looking the goods, delivering outstanding work and yet, the niggle of the co-worker undercover assault remains as a drone in the background to your brilliant career.

So, what to do. Firstly, I will direct you to this awesome post by James Altucher on “how to deal with crappy people”. The summary goes like this: “if you get in the mud with pigs, two things happen. One, you get dirty and two, the pig gets happy”. While this is excellent advice based around “don’t engage with the mo-fo’s”, I was curious to see if I could apply my skills to designing a plan that might offer you some other solutions and strategies for nailing this nemesis like the bitch that it is.

Behold, the info graphic!

So yah, this info graphic is in jpg form but if you would like your own PDF copy to hang on your wall next to the Def Leppard poster, please email me and I would be happy to scoot it across.

Please share any other strategies in the comments below you might have to deal with these spirit suckers as we can all benefit from each other’s time in the hell pit with the nemesis.

And you will need to add this butt kicking tune by Janelle Monae to your arsenal. “You dance up on them haters”. Word.

See you next week.