Following on from the last post about what I do, let me shine a light on what I don’t do:

  • I don’t kick puppies. Just so you know.
  • I am not an interior designer. This branch of design is fab but has a whole requires a whole bunch of skills that I do not have in my arsenal.
  • Even though my degree is in Industrial Design, I don’t design industries. Shame. I would really love to add some color and flavour to factories and industrial buildings. Check out how another designer Hong Kong based designer Arboit Ltd (photos by Dennis Lo Design) made the very unsexy bike gear manufacture house totally rad.Image
  • I don’t like working late at night. But I love working early in the morning when I’m at my freshest and sparkly best. I really fade late as the evening pushes along. Mind you this is challenging when so many exhibitions are now bumping in overnight. I often get queried on this by my clients and my answer is that organizers are being pushed on costs and are reluctant to hire the venue for an extra day. So those fun packed midnight installs are currently all the rage and the client pays higher labour and transport charges and all the organizers have done is send the costs down the pipeline.
  • I say no to the “can’t be done”. I just don’t accept the impossible. I like the challenge of finding solutions to a wedged tight problem. I may not come up with an ideal result or any answer at all but I’d like to give it a red hot go.  What I might come up with by researching, tapping the inspiration source and flexing the idea muscle might lead me to another jump off point.
  • I don’t want to be told by a client “can you please just copy this and change it a bit”.  Firstly, there is bad karma attached to this and secondly, why copy someone else?  The world needs new ways of thinking, mavens, renegades, innovators and the seriously out there.  Doing the “same old / same old” is tired and limiting.  Expand and embrace the new!
  • I don’t indulge doomsayers about the government.  The economy.  That music does not matter (like hell it doesn’t). That times are getting tougher and the people are getting battier.  Change is always in motion and there is always an up and a down cycle.

So now it’s time to roll the tape.  This time I have a tasty slice from Santigold “Les Artistes” who suddenly found herself an innovator.  Go girl!